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    We're no longer recruiting for our 2018 apprenticeship scheme but keep an eye on our vacancies page to find out more about our latest opportunities.


    As an apprentice you'll join an externally accredited programme to gain the knowledge and practical skills for a craftsperson role within SGN. When qualified you will participate in an out-of-hours standby rota.

    Training with us is more than teaching you how to use a spanner. Our recruits participate in a variety of courses to develop their confidence and skills to get the most out of their work. Our recent recruits attended a course with Outward Bound where they practised all kinds of outdoor and team skills, preparing them for a rewarding career.




    Pressure control apprenticeship

    You'll be learning to maintain equipment which controls the pressure and flow of gas throughout our networks, ensuring that gas is continuously supplied to our customers. This will involve working outdoors on equipment located throughout the areas covered by our operational patches, some in towns and cities and some located in the countryside. Once qualified you will normally lead a small team of two, but are actually a key part of a much larger maintenance team.


    Pipeline apprenticeship

    You'll be learning to monitor the condition of our high pressure pipeline network, taking measures to prevent damage and to avoid corrosion. You will liaise closely with landowners and farmers, and also with people who need to carry out work in close proximity to our pipelines. This might involve helping them to plan their work, and also monitoring their work to prevent accidental damage. Once qualified, you will usually work on your own, often in the countryside, but as part of a larger maintenance team.


    Electrical & Instrumentation apprenticeship

    You'll be learning to monitor the condition of our high pressure pipeline network, taking measures to prevent damage and to avoid corrosion. You will install and maintain equipment on our operational sites to enable data on the flow, pressure and temperature of gas to be effectively communicated back to central control room, allowing them to manage the supply of gas to our customers. Once qualified, you will usually work on your own, but will need to regularly interact with others within the larger maintenance team.


    Multi-skilled depot apprenticeship

    Multi-skilled apprentices in our operational depots carry out two primary roles:

    • Working in a small team of two, you will learn how to lay or replace service pipes supplying gas to customer’s premises. You will also undertake repairs to the gas mains networks if they are found to be leaking. This role will require you to undertake physical work on the highway, including digging excavations to access the buried pipes. 

    • You will also learn how to respond as a first call operative, and once qualified, attend sites on your own when members of the public report a smell of gas. You will learn how to make the situation safe, with key responsibilities to safeguard life and property, before liaising with our Repair teams. You will have close interaction with our customers, providing excellent customer service.   
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