• Graduates


    Our two year graduate programmes are challenging and rewarding and give our new team members the skills to assume substantive positions when completed. You will receive training at work sites across our network including Scotland and southern England, fostering a range of work relationships and skills. You'll be working with experienced colleagues and managers as you spend a lot of time developing your skills. From day one you'll be making a real contribution to our business with meaningful work before you.

    Some examples of work you might do either as a team or individually:

    • Visit operational sites and develop strategy for the management of the site's assets.
    • Reviewing work activities, either office based or on site, and making recommendations for improvement.
    • Overseeing work activities in a project management capacity.
    • Producing material for internal or external publication.

    During your graduate development programme, you'll assume increasing levels of responsibility as your development progresses. In line with this, your pay will increase over the programme as you reach key milestones.

    You will be required to spend some time away from home, while attending training courses and departmental placements. We'll pay for your travel to and from these locations, but you'll usually be expected to travel in your own time. We'll arrange and pay for your accommodation and meals when you're required to stay away from home.

    The benefits of working for us include:

    • A competitive salary that increases with your progress through the programme
    • 25 days’ annual leave plus 8 statutory holidays (pro-rated during the first year of employment)
    • Eligibility to join a company pension scheme
    • A range of benefits such as leisure and shopping discount schemes 
    • Car loan scheme, Cycle to Work, and season ticket loans
    • Significant opportunities to advance your career
    • Accommodation and meals paid for when required to stay away from home
    • Reward and Recognition schemes


    Mechanical graduate

    To be considered for this role you will need to hold a Masters degree (either MSc or MEng) for a course accredited by the Engineering Council (or by one of the professional engineering institutions on their behalf). This is required to enable your eventual registration as a chartered engineer. 


    Business graduate

    To be considered for this role, you will need to hold a minimum 2.1 degree in a subject appropriate to a business managerial role. 

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  • We are an armed forces-friendly organisation and hold a Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Gold Award.