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    Customer satisfaction is important to us. Your feedback helped us to create our Customer Promises, based on areas which customers have told us are important, like making it easy to get in touch, looking after safety and keeping you informed when we are working in your area.

    We want to provide you with a quality service and our Customer Promises explains the promises our staff have made to achieve that goal. We will keep listening to our customers to make sure we are delivering our promises. 



    Customer service


    SGN customer promises


    The below customer satisfaction survey results will download directly to your computer.

    Customer satisfaction survey results 2017/18 (Scotland) 

    Customer satisfaction survey results 2017/18 (Southern) 

  •  An image displaying the text 'Smell Gas'. If you smell gas in your home you should call 0800 111 999
     An image displaying SGN's customer service number. This number is 0800 912 1700
     An image displaying SGN's twitter handle. You can follow SGN on Twitter through our account @SGNgas
     An image which links to SGN's Facebook page. Our page can be found on www.facebook.com/SGNgas
     An image with the text 'more ways to contact us'. If you would like another way to contact us please visit sgn.co.uk/Contact-SGN

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    Has one of our team given you ten out of ten service? Please share your stories and give us the opportunity to recognise our colleagues when they go the extra mile.