• NIA emergency projects


    In an emergency, we need to restore our customers' gas rapidly and safely. Our NIA emergency projects are looking at new ways to pinpoint gas leaks, reduce the length of time for interruptions, remove water quickly from the low pressure gas network and numerous other improvements.

    Our advanced gas detection project is focused on producing a portable device to detect methane and CO gases, and determine if readings detected on site are from a natural gas leak.



    Our innovative stent bag system can maintain gas supplies during high volume gas escapes and reduce the potential loss of supply to customers.


    Ofgem's network innovation allowance (NIA) scheme funds innovative projects (such as these) which can benefit our customers. Details of our NIA projects can be found on the ENA Smarter Networks portal by selecting SGN as the network operator

    Some of our projects include:

    • Advanced Gas Detection 
    • Bar Hole Zone Rating (Stage 1) 
    • Customer Self Isolation and Restoration (Stage 2) 
    • Gas Risk in No Access Properties 
    • Optomole (Stage 1) 
    • Portable ‘Gas In Ducts’ Sample System 
    • Stent Bag 
    • Tornado Max 
    • Water Extraction Reel & Y Branch