• Innovation


    We have a dedicated and established innovation team managing ideas and opportunities, both from internal and external sources, co-ordinating their evaluation, and prioritising and converting into value propositions projects that align with our innovation strategy.

    Upon completion of these funded projects, the team supports the implementation and execution of these new techniques, products or services within the business.

    Conversion of successful projects into business as usual is essential, as is developing a culture where innovation is embraced at every level of the business.

    The Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) funds innovation projects that will deliver benefits to gas customers. This equates to 0.5% of our revenue, which is approximately £5-6 million per annum. 

    Details of our NIA projects can be found on the ENA Smarter Networks portal and you can find out more by clicking on the category buttons to the right of this page.

    The Network Innovation Competition (NIC) is an annual competition to fund flagship innovation projects that have the potential to deliver cost, low carbon and environmental benefits to customers. This equates to £18million per year and we compete with the other distribution and transmission networks.

    Our leading NIC projects are ObanRobotics and Real-Time Networks.




  • Gas Network Innovation Strategy


    In April 2018, we launched the first joint Gas Network Innovation Strategy. This strategy sets out areas of focus where we, alongside other gas network companies, National Grid Gas Transmission and the Energy Networks Association, can provide continuing benefits to our customers from innovation projects. Further details can be found in the ‘At a glance’ guide to the strategy and in the full Gas Network Innovation Strategy.


    At a glance guide: Gas Network Innovation Strategy (2018)

    Full guide: Gas Network Innovation Strategy (2018)