• SGN Press release


    Paisley depot shines during Ofgem visit


    11 September 2018


    We’ve welcomed visitors from our industry regulator Ofgem to our Paisley depot to share the different ways in which we’re working to minimising disruption for customers and stakeholders through innovation, communication and engagement. 

    The team from Ofgem joined us at our Paisley depot in Linwood to learn more about the improvements we’ve made to how we engage with our stakeholders and customers when we’re upgrading our gas network. We also explained more about the services we can offer to our customers who are in need of extra support. Finally, we demonstrated how we’re leading the way in our industry through the use of innovation by showcasing some of our latest technology.

    Tess Hall, Ofgem Senior Manager in the RIIO GD Cost Analysis team, said: “Ofgem is tasked with setting the cost allowances for the next price control and as part of our work for this we are visiting each gas distribution network to get a feel for the day-to-day operations. This scope includes reviewing the key challenges, risks and opportunities for innovation.”

    Our Engineering Manager Operations Scot Dougall explained to our visitors the recent changes to the way we manage and communicate projects to upgrade our gas network. Scot said: “We tailor every project to the local community in which we’re working. All our planned upgrade projects are put through this process which determines the project’s impact on the community and how we should communicate with residents, stakeholders and commuters affected by our work.

    “We’ve already had great results, with positive feedback and no customer complaints for one of our more high-profile projects in the heart of Prestwick town. We ran drop-in sessions for residents ahead of the project starting, posted regular updates on social media and our website once work began, and shared all the info with local councillors and local press so that the community was always well-informed.”


    Visitors from Ofgem gather around Stakeholder Manager Margaret Hamilton to learn more about our locking cooker valve. 

    Our Stakeholder Manager Margaret Hamilton was on hand to explain more about our simple safety device that can save lives, our locking cooker valve. Margaret explained: “Our locking cooker valve helps people, such as those with Alzheimer’s or autism, retain their independence at home.

    “Our engineers fit the small device to existing gas cooker pipework. When the valve is locked, the gas supply to the cooker is stopped. This eliminates the risk of the cooker being unintentionally turned on or left on, providing reassurance to family, friends and carers.”

    Our visitors completed their visit with demonstrations of some of our latest technology from Innovation Delivery Manager Ryan Smith. “There really is lots to be excited about in innovation at SGN. Among other things, we showed how we’re using robotics, camera inspection and keyhole excavations to be more efficient and lessen the impact of our work on local communities. Today was a great opportunity to show our visitors from Ofgem just how increasingly vital innovation is to our industry”, said Ryan.


    Innovation Delivery Manager Ryan Smith demonstrates iCore which reduces the size of our excavations minimising the impact of our works.