• SGN Press release


    We held a Parliamentary Reception to launch our pathway to decarbonising the gas network


    28 February 2019

    MSPs, academics and local authorities were among those who joined us at the launch of our pathway to decarbonising the gas network in the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday night.

    We distribute natural and green gas to 5.9 million homes and businesses across Scotland and in the south of England. With peak heat demand provided by our gas network at least four times higher than peak electricity demand, low carbon solutions using our network could allow for the decarbonisation of heat at the lowest cost and with least disruption for customers.
    Clare Adamson MSP with our Director of Energy Futures Angus Mcintosh

    At this week’s event in Holyrood, which was hosted by Clare Adamson MSP, we introduced our gas quality decarbonisation pathway, which we’ve developed in collaboration with the other GB gas networks. The pathway sets out a series of technical and commercial steps to a fully decarbonised gas network, which could achieve ‘net-zero’ emissions. Each step is underpinned by research, development and demonstration projects that seek to evidence both the technical and commercial viability. For example, our H100 project will look to demonstrate the world’s first 100% hydrogen distribution network from renewable sources in Scotland. 

    Our Director of Energy Futures Angus Mcintosh explained as we develop our plans for RIIO-GD2, there will be a continuing need for research and development, but also regulatory mechanisms to facilitate the roll out of successful schemes. 

    He summarised: “Meeting the UK and Scottish Government’s 2050 targets for reducing carbon emissions will require significant decarbonisation of heat. We believe our network is key to delivering a reliable future low-carbon energy system at the least cost and with the lowest impact on homes and businesses across Great Britain.”


    In closing the event, Clare Adamson MSP, noted: “I was delighted to be able to welcome SGN to the Scottish Parliament once more and to be part of the very lively debate that SGN stimulates about a wide range of issues in relation to energy production and distribution. The focus on decarbonisation of the gas network in pursuit of ‘net-zero’ emissions was lively, innovative and – crucially – encouraged all present to consider the issues in a much wider and integrated context. 

    “I look forward to continued discussion of these issues and continuing development of a positive partnership, whole system approach.”