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    New report shows mean gender pay gap at SGN lower than national average


    7 March 2019

    Gender pay gap report 2018 The gender pay gap report from SGN shows our mean gender pay gap has decreased by 1.0%. 


    SGN is pleased to report our mean gender pay gap has decreased by 1.0% to 8.8% compared with 2017, well below the national average.

    The news comes as we release our Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 in accordance with recent legal requirements in which organisations with more than 250 employees must publish details of the gap in pay and bonuses between their male and female employees.

    HR & Services Director Kate Naylor commented: “We’re fully supportive of pay gap reporting, believing it acts as a catalyst to ensure businesses embrace diversity and inclusion. We’re encouraged our continued focus on both diversity and inclusion has resulted in positive change. With women comprising 16% of our workforce, we’re committed to addressing the imbalance, with initiatives to attract, develop and retain female employees.” 

    Kate added: “We’ve started to make some positive changes but accept change will take time. We are however committed to building a more diverse SGN and creating a culture of inclusion where everyone, regardless of difference, is valued.”

    The full report can be found here.