• Stage One: The survey


    Who took part in the survey?

    We selected 100 of our Oban gas customers at random. The only criteria we applied was that the overall sample represented the mix of different properties in Oban.

    We’ll be coming out to visit all gas customers later in the year. Whether we visited you during the initial survey or will visit you later, we’ll provide you with a free gas appliance safety check and a carbon monoxide detector to say thanks.

    Who conducted the survey?


    Our surveyors are all fully qualified gas engineers. They carry SGN ID badges, and if you’re concerned in any way, they can provide you with a number you can call to verify their identity.

    When did it happen?

    The survey ran from 12 May 2014 for three weeks.

    What did it involve?

    Our engineers surveyed customers' gas appliances, noting details of the make, model and serial number, and taking photos of their appliances. They will also carried out a free visual safety check of appliances, offered customers a free carbon monoxide detector and quickly explained how to use it.

    Over recent years the number of different gas appliances on the market has grown exponentially. Our testers needed to ensure they had all the information they needed to be able to categorise all the appliances correctly. This is important because we need to have accurate data on how gas mixes perform within specific gas appliances. It’s much easier to identify an appliance exactly using a photograph rather than a written description alone.

    The survey and the visual safety checks were provided free of charge, and there was no disruption to customers' gas supply. There will be a few hours’ disruption when we come back later in the year to do the gas testing but we’ll give customers plenty of notice and arrange a time that minimises inconvenience.


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