• Stage Three: Trial



    What did this entail?

    After proving that all of Oban’s gas appliances passed as fit for the trial, SGN injected a new composition of gas into the Oban gas grid for a full year. 


    When did it happen?

    The trial started in July 2015 and ran until July 2016.


    Were there any noticeable differences?

    It’s very unlikely that you’ll have seen any difference in your gas appliances or how they performed.  If anything, you may have used slightly less gas as the gas we were injecting was of a higher quality.


    Will it have cost me more?

    No – if anything, you may have used slightly less gas.  


    Did the new gas mix work as well as the previous gas mix?

    Yes.  The gas we  used in the trial was still natural gas. The changes didn’t reduce its performance, and you are very unlikely to have seen any difference.


    What happens now the trial has ended?

    We are reporting the results of our trial back to our regulator, Ofgem.  This will inform decisions about whether it’s time to change the regulations.



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