• What are the benefits?

    This research will hopefully lead to lower gas prices created by greater competition between gas producers. The regulations that apply to the composition of gas in Great Britain were designed in the 1970's when most of our gas was sourced from the North sea. The varieties used successfully across Europe require further processing before they can be used in the GB market. With Oban demonstrating the appropriateness of gas used across Europe, our regulator, Ofgem, would be well informed to adjust regulations. With more sources of gas available, gas supply companies can shop around, bringing down the price of gas they sell to you. 

    Gas sourced from more locations also means we are relying less on one source for our supply. By spreading the resources we can be more confident that we will keep your gas flowing.  Developments in technology mean new environmentally friendly types of gas are available including biomethane. 


    What's in it for you?

    • We will perform a free gas safety check on your appliances when we conduct the survey and testing. 

    • We’ll also give you a carbon monoxide detector worth £30 as an extra thank you, along with information on carbon monoxide safety and instructions on how to use the detector.

    • You will have the peace of mind of knowing your appliances are safe.

    • The Oban community as a whole will have had all its gas appliances tested and carbon monoxide detectors provided – and so will be much safer as a result of this work.

    What's in it for the long-term?

    If, as a result of this project, we can demonstrate that the gas regulations can be widened:

    • Gas suppliers will be able to buy gas from a wider range of sources, allowing them to shop around for the best deals. 

    • The removal of the need for gas processing will reduce costs further and reduce gases which are burned and wasted because they can’t currently be used in GB.

    • Purchasing gas from a wider range of sources will spread the risk and allow us to keep the gas flowing.

    • Wider regulations will allow us to make use of new sources of environmentally friendly gas e.g. biomethane.