• Stage two: Test




    Between November 2014 and June 2015, we visited every gas customer in Oban. 

    During our visit, we tested three slightly different versions of natural gas on all your gas appliances and recorded information on how they performed. 

    Each visit should have taken no more than an hour. We switched off the gas for each property while we did our research and provided temporary cooking and heating facilities if they were needed. When finished, we reconnected the gas and left properties exactly as we found them.

    Who took part?

    We need to have very detailed information on how different compositions of gas will perform with Oban’s gas appliances. So we visited every gas customer in Oban. That included anybody who took part in the initial survey we did during May 2014.

    Who did the testing?

    Our own Gas Safe registered engineers conducted the testing. They carry ID badges, and they can provide you with a number you can call to verify their identity.

    When did it happen?

    Testing started on 3 November 2014 and continued until June 2015. Each month, we visited a different part of town.

    What did it involve?

    • We wrote to let you know when we intending to visit so you could arrange a different date if it was unsuitable.
    • We provided temporary heating and cooking facilities (if you needed them). 
    • We switched off your gas supply at your gas meter.
    • We attached a hose to your gas meter which transported the test gases.
    • We ran our tests.
    • We then disconnected the hose and turned your gas back on.
    • When we finished we also left a free carbon monoxide detector with you


    Will the gas damage my appliances?

    No. Under European legislation all gas appliances manufactured after 1992 must already comply with a wider range of gas sources. Even if the test gases don’t work on your appliances, for example if they are older, it won’t damage them.

    Do I need to do anything?

    No. The only thing you needed to do was to let us enter your property to complete the testing. You won’t need to buy any special equipment or change your gas supplier or your meter.

    Will it cost me anything?

    No. The testing and the safety check were provided free of charge.

    Will there be any disruption to my gas supply?

    Not anymore, but we did interrupt your gas for an hour when we visited you to test the three gases on your appliances. 


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