• Live or dead gas supply


    A live or dead check is a free physical check by one of our engineers to determine whether your pipe is 'live' (ready to be used) or ‘dead’ (further work needs doing).

    • If your pipe is already live, you can contact a supplier of your choice to install a meter and start using gas.

    • If your pipe is dead and you would like gas installed, you can apply for a new connection.

    • If your pipe is live but you don’t want to use gas, you can apply to have it disconnected.


    Click here to request a live or dead check

  • Type in your postcode to check we operate in your area:

    Yes, this postcode is within our operating regions.

    The property is outside of SGN's operating regions but energynetworks.org may help you identify the right contact.

    Please note that this check only informs you if SGN covers your postcode area, it does not inform you if there are gas assets at your location, in particular if you are on or near the boundary. Before starting any work please contact the SGN plant protection team on 0800 912 1722 or email plantlocation@sgn.co.uk.

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    Free or discounted gas connections are sometimes available for low income customers through our Help to Heat scheme. Click here for more information.