• Help to Heat

      Our Help to Heat scheme
    helps customers who may
    need some extra support by offering free or discounted connections to our gas network.


    If you’ve been struggling to pay your energy bills and you’re finding it difficult to keep your home warm, we may be able to help. 


    Depending on your location and circumstances, we can offer funding to connect your home to our gas network. We may also be able to contribute to the cost of installing your central heating system if you privately rent or own your home.



    You, or someone you know, could qualify for support if:

    • You receive certain income-related benefits.
    • Your household income, after your rent or mortgage costs, is considered low and the expected cost to adequately heat your home would be high. The household eligibility will vary depending on whether you live in England or Scotland.
    • You are eligible under your local authority’s unique criteria, known as its ‘statement of intent’. This will include income, but may also include health conditions and/or your home’s energy efficiency rating. However, not every local authority offers this.
    If you are a landlord or local authority, you can access funding towards a new gas connection if your tenant is eligible. They will need to apply to us directly to go through the assessment. Homes under construction, conversions and empty buildings are excluded from our Help to Heat scheme, as are commercial premises.



    How we helped this family from Eastbourne


    Struggling with chronic health conditions, Ben and his wife could ill-afford the additional challenge of a £600 monthly heating bill because of a failing oil boiler and using plug-in electric heaters to keep their three-bed home warm.

    The cost of replacing Ben’s faulty boiler was approximately £5,000 and he was unable to afford it.

    However, with the support of our Help to Heat scheme, Central Heating Grant Fund and ECO funding, we were able to fully-fund the work to give Ben and his wife functioning central heating in their property. The newly installed central heating system will save Ben approximately £1,600 each year.

    Ben was delighted with the service, and said: “Everyone involved with the installation was first class. I’m delighted to have proper central heating in!”



    How can you apply?


    Please call our partner AgilityEco on  0800 015 5174  to speak to a Help to Heat advisor. Alternatively, you can email our partners AgilityEco at support@sgnhelptoheat.org.uk. Please include your name and contact details. 


    Working in partnership to provide extra funding


    We can provide extra financial support to households receiving Help to Heat gas connections in the south of England. Our Central Heating Grant Scheme provides funding towards the cost of installing a gas central heating system. We work in partnership with approved organisations to reach eligible households in our southern network. 

    We’re keen to work in partnership with more organisations in the south of England to reach even more households, and we welcome funding applications from appropriate organisations. If you’re interested in working with us, please download our expression of interest form (note: this will download to your computer) and return your completed form to HelptoHeat@sgn.co.uk




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