• The SGN Way


    The best way for our customers to understand who we are is for us to demonstrate our vision and values in everything we do. The SGN Way is at the heart of how we understand ourselves as a company.

    We have captured the two most important parts of what we do, customer safety and energy delivery, to redefine a new vision that is strong, sharp and sits at the core of our company.

    "Dedicated to keeping our customers safe and warm by leading the way in energy delivery"

    We’ve enhanced our values so that the wording is clearer and they support what we believe in as an organisation. We believe in ...


    • Safety first: We take responsibility for our own safety and the safety of those around us
    • Sustaining our world: We maximise our effect on local communities and minimise our impact on the world
    • Putting people at the heart: We always work together, talk honestly and treat people with respect
    • Driving performance: Efficiency, innovation and continuous improvement will help deliver excellence and achieve commercial success
    • Looking after customers: By listening to our customers, understanding their needs and keeping our promises, we can deliver and excellent service that people trust


     As a company we are committed to being positive, dynamic and responsible and we want our customers and stakeholders to recognise that.


    • Positive: We look for the best in any situation. Every interaction is an opportunity for us to demonstrate what we can achieve
    • Responsible: We're in control and can be trusted to make important decisions that act in everyone's best interest
    • Dynamic: We're always looking to the future and embracing ways of doing things better


    These are the elements of our company that we’ll bring to life in our communications and interactions with customers. We’ll build on these elements by being consistent in our actions, the way we talk about SGN, tell customers what we do and how we deliver our services.