• Information for traders


    We’re doing all we can to support local traders while we carry out our essential work in Rye Lane, Peckham. All businesses will remain open as usual for the duration of our gas network upgrade project.


    Access to your business


    Although the road will be closed to traffic around our work area, we’ll maintain access for pedestrians to walk along Rye Lane at all times. Customers will still be able to access your business safely around our site.

    We understand that traders require supplies being delivered regularly. We will maintain access within our road closure for delivery vehicles supplying businesses in Rye Lane. We’ll have two traffic marshals managing traffic flow around our site during normal working hours. 



    Extra financial support


    We appreciate that our essential work will cause disruption to local businesses and we're committed to doing all we can to support Rye Lane traders. We're continuing to engage with local businesses to explain more about our work and discuss compensation available to small businesses based on individual circumstances.

    For more information on our compensation scheme for businesses affected by our work in Rye Lane, please visit our compensation page. If you’d like to discuss the compensation available to your business or make a small business claim, please contact our team via compensation.claims@sgn.co.uk



    Gas supplies


    As we are renewing the pipes along Rye Lane, your gas supply may be temporarily interrupted while we carry out a section nearby to your property.

    We will try to keep any interruptions to a minimum, and we’ll let you know in advance if your gas supply is likely to be affected by our upgrade work. We will arrange a suitable time to carry out work which requires us to temporarily switch off your gas supply.



    Waste management


    We’ve liaised with local waste management companies serving Rye Lane and agreed waste will continue to be collected during our work.

    We’ll setup dedicated areas at either end of our site for waste to be stored and collected from. Waste collections will follow existing guidelines for businesses and collection times remain unchanged.

    Our two marshals managing traffic movement around our site will be on hand to assist waste collection vehicles reverse and turn while they are collecting waste from the designated locations.

    We’ll screen off our work area and we’ll endeavour to keep that, and the surrounding area, as tidy as possible while we carry out our upgrades.

    If you have any queries regarding your business, please call our dedicated Rye Lane Customer Service number on 0800 912 0804. We’re here Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm, and between 8am and 4pm on Saturdays.