• Hook
    Pilcot Road and Church Lane


    Start date: 9 January 2018
    Approximate duration: 24 weeks


    We are working to upgrade the gas network in Pilcot Road and Church Lane in Dogmersfield, Hook, Hampshire. 

    We are replacing our old gas mains and services with new plastic pipe to ensure a continued safe and reliable gas supply to the local area. 

    In consultation with Hampshire County Council, work started at the beginning of January. 

    The programme of work is being carried out in three phases. For safety reasons, the first two phases of work will require road closures.    

    In phase one, lasting eight weeks, Pilcot Road will be closed from the junction of The Crescent to just before the Queens Head pub.  

    In phase two, lasting five weeks, Pilcot Road will be closed from between the pub to outside The Lodge in Church Lane.  

    In phase three, lasting 10 weeks, work will take place in Pilcot Road and into The Street between the junctions with The Crescent and Crookham Road. Multi-way and two-way temporary traffic lights will be in use. 

    The work is due to finish by 22 June.

    We understand that people can get frustrated by roadworks. However, the new plastic pipe has a minimum lifespan of 80 years. This means that when the work is complete, local residents will continue to enjoy the benefits of a safe and reliable gas supply for years to come.


    Update – 29 August 2018

    Our project is progressing well but due to some engineering difficulties we’ve had to revise our plans.

    Phase one is mostly complete and we will return to complete work on the bridge in Pilcot Road at a later date.

    Phase two is also nearly complete with some connections still to be made.

    We began phase three in mid-August and this phase is expected to take approximately eight weeks.

    All being well, we’re aiming to complete our project by mid-January 2019.