• NIC robotics


    In 2013, we won Ofgem’s inaugural Network Innovation Competition, with a bid to develop robotic techniques that will allow gas distribution networks (GDNs) to identify and seal leaking joints, a common source of gas leakage, in a live gas pipe from a remote location.

    It will also develop new inspection techniques that support our work to assess and manage risk of pipe fracture in our large diameter gas mains.

    This is a world-leading project with potential to allow extensive work to be carried out on the gas network without the associated disruptive road works.

    The project will:

    • Design and manufacture modular robotic platforms
    • Develop and manage operational procedures
    • Test robots to ensure they can be operated safely in a live gas pipe
    • Prepare a commercial appraisal for roll-out across Great Britain


    Working together

    As a company, we are committed to working closely with all those who are affected by our activities, or who have the capacity to influence or affect what we do. We are committed to listening to our customers and stakeholders, and taking their views into account when we make decisions.

    As our project progresses, we will be planning trials in locations around Great Britain, and these will affect a range of customers and stakeholders. We’ll be getting in touch well in advance to discuss our plans and to invite comments. Working together, we will ensure out trials are as effective and successful as possible.

    If you want to know if our project will affect you, or want to discuss it with us and share your views, we want to hear from you. Contact us at robotics@sgn.co.uk.


    Latest News

    In a world first, we're trialling new robotics technology that can inspect and repair older gas mains from inside the pipe. Working with our partner ULC Robotics, we've developed CIRRIS - the Cast Iron Robotic Repair Inspection System.