• Project benefits


    Our innovative robotics project could change the way the UK gas industry maintains its gas distribution pipes. 

    The use of robots to inspect and repair mains will lead to significant benefits, both for customers and our environment.

    • By enhancing the ability of GDNs to inspect their assets, we can improve our risk management and reduce overall leakage from the network.

    • By obtaining better information on the integrity of our tier 2 and 3 mains, we will be able to prioritise the replacement of those mains at highest risk, and remediate those which are at less risk of fracture.

    • By being able to share more information about the exact location of mains pipes with our stakeholders, we can reduce the risk of third party damage.

    • By lowering the likelihood of leaks and third party damage, our robotic innovations will reduce harm to the environment, and the costs of repairing these problems.

    • By reducing the need for road excavations, we will be reducing or removing a range of costs e.g. purchasing permits, restoring roads and properties.

    • And of course, fewer excavations mean less disruption and dissatisfaction for the public.

    • In the final stage of the project, the ability to connect customers’ services remotely will reduce disruption for those customers. Connections will be faster and will remove the need to excavate pathways and driveways.