• Project partners



    ULC Robotics


    We are working with partner ULC Robotics which is designing and building the robotic modules and systems for our project. We have a well-established relationship with the company, which worked with us on the introduction of the CISBOT robotic system in the UK.

    On a daily basis, energy and utility companies face a wide range of technical and operational challenges associated with building and maintaining their vital pipeline infrastructure. For more than a dozen years, ULC Robotics has been developing and deploying technology which assists their clients in overcoming these issues, allowing them to meet their goals more safely, with a reduced impact on the public and at a lower cost with fewer resources. ULC Robotics provides utility and energy companies with trenchless and no-dig technology, robotic systems and advanced equipment and services for asset inspection, maintenance and other specialized projects.

    ULC Robotics has three divisions within the company that all work together to deliver shared results: improved safety, positive public reception, cost reduction, risk reduction and removal, improved efficiency and extended asset life.


    ULC’s Research and Development teams are capable of developing advanced robotic tools, analysing and redesigning standard processes and even re-engineering older innovations to achieve improved usability and functionality. In-house mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and software developers take projects from concept to commercialisation. The inspection systems, robotic systems and processes developed through research and development are deployed through the Pipeline Robotics and Energy Services divisions of ULC.

    With the ability to deploy the technology they develop, ULC Robotics uses their field crews to ensure research and development projects are developed for real world use. The two-way communication between engineers and field personnel leads to project improvements and further innovation while enabling a more efficient deployment of new technology and process innovations.




    RPS is a global energy consultancy delivering major energy infrastructure ad advice worldwide. The group employs more than 5,000 people in the UK and Ireland and in various locations in Europe, North America, Brazil and Asia.

    RPS delivers innovative and client-specific solutions for a range of industries and projects scenarios. The group also provides advisory services across a broad range of programmes and sectors on behalf of gas utilities in the UK and Ireland.

    RPS provides a range of services including due diligence, project appraisal, strategic development planning, multi-disciplinary engineering design and project and risk management.

    RPS is working with us on our robotics project, providing:

    • Technical review and gap analysis of conceptual designs and manufacturing design against legislation and relevant SGN, UK and European standards

    • Technical assessments and advice

    • Review of high level performance specification

    • Support and assistance for field trial testing

    • Project management support