• Safety


    Safety is at the heart of everything we do, whether it's the safety of our customers, the general public, our employees or contractors.

    We are committed to protecting the safety of the public, and to safeguarding each other and those who work with us by operating an injury-free and healthy workplace. Our health and safety policy sets out how we fulfil this commitment.

    We are subject to a series of legislative requirements, ensuring we manage and operate our networks in a safe and reliable manner, and have the necessary arrangements in place to respond to a gas supply emergency. Details can be found on the Health and Safety Executive website (hse.gov.uk). For more information about specific legislation that governs our business, please contact us.

  • SGN safety documents

    Your safety is our top priority.

    SGN gas safety messages (Apr 2016)

    Carbon monoxide 'Take Control of your Safety'

    You can’t see it, smell it, hear it or taste it – that’s why it’s known as the ‘silent killer’. Are you protected?

    SGN Health and  Safety Policy (2017)

    General safety measures to avoid injury and damage to gas plant:

    SGN gas plant safety (Scotland) (February 2016)

    SGN gas plant safety (Southern) (May 2010)

    If you’re planning any building or digging work remember that gas pipes, power cables, water pipes and sewers all run underground and could be right beneath your feet. It is the property owner and applicant’s responsibility to check with utility companies before work starts.

    'Know What's Below' guide to safe excavations

    Please use our error management reporting form to highlight any differences between pipe/plant on maps and that found on site. This will help ensure we maintain a safe and secure gas supply network.

    SGN error management reporting form (printable version)

    SGN error management reporting form (editable version)