• Flooding

    Some customers within our network area may be affected by flooding during storms and heavy rain.

    We appreciate that these are very difficult times for you so we’ve issued this statement with advice to help keep you safe.

    We have robust contingency plans in place to ensure our pipes and equipment remain safe during the flood conditions. We have lined up additional operational staff to deal with any gas network issues and respond to your needs.

    We are also carrying out extra site checks during evenings and weekends, and are monitoring all of our critical supply equipment.

    What to do if you are told to evacuate your home due to flooding

    If it is safe and you are able to do so, please turn off your gas at the emergency control handle.This is normally located next to the gas meter. Please do not attempt to do this if the meter is in a cellar or basement.

    In most instances there will be a label indicating the on/off position.

    If there is no label present please turn the emergency control handle through 90 degrees to close the valve. Here is a picture to help you:


    If you can’t turn off your valve, if you are are elderly, sick, disabled or have young children or need any help with this, call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 for assistance.

    Once you have returned to your property

    Call our Customer Service Centre on 0800 912 1700 to arrange for one of our engineers to visit and turn your gas supply back on. It is very important you do this for safety reasons.

    Carbon monoxide – important safety message about using a generator

    Please take great care if you do have flooding in your property and are using a petrol generator to help clear the water. It is vital to ensure there is adequate ventilation to prevent potential exposure to carbon monoxide. Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction on the safe use of equipment.

    More information on carbon monoxide available here.