We're investing £556,000 to upgrade the gas network in Buckie over the course of the next year to ensure your local community continues to receive a safe and reliable gas supply for many years to come.

Starting on 1 March 2022 until 31 March 2023 our engineers will be working to replace just over 3.5km of old metallic gas main with new polyethylene PE pipe. Most of the work will be carried out by a mains insertion technique whereby we insert the new main inside the old one reducing the need to dig lengthy trenches in the road. To minimise disruption, we’re working closely with Moray Council to plan any necessary traffic management and will be implementing a phased approach some of which will overlap (outlined below).  

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A map showing where we'll be working during our project in Buckie.

Phase one:  1 March 2022 - 36 weeks
Work will begin outside 84 Well Road, continue onto Stripeside and then to Douglas Crescent, Raffan Road, Shearer Avenue and finally to outside 1 – 14 Archibald Grove.

Phase two:  19 April 2022 – three weeks
We’ll be working between 7 and 9 Queen Street.

Phase three:  9 May 2022 – five weeks
We’ll be working between 6 and 15 Harbour Street. This section involves the reinforcement of the network.

Phase four:  13 June 2022 – four weeks
We’ll be working on Seaview Terrace between Land Street and Cathedral Street. This section may involve a possible road closure and the diversion route will be agreed with Moray Council.

Phase five:  11 July 2022 – eight weeks
We’ll be working between West Church Court to Cluny Terrace and Cuthbert’s Brae.

Phase six:  5 September 2022 – eight weeks
We’ll be working in The Yardie between Bridge Place and Baron Street. This section will require two-way temporary traffic lights to be installed.

Phase seven:  31 October – four weeks
We’ll be working in March Road/Freuchny Road between Commercial Road to the footpath to March Street. This section may require two-way temporary traffic lights.

Phase eight:  9 January – 12 weeks
In this final phase we’ll be working the entire length of Newlands Lane and on a connection point on the High Street. This section may require a possible road closure and no waiting/no parking restrictions to be imposed.