Erskine Bridge: Lusset Park

Update: July 2019

Lusset Park closed 7 July 2019

As part of our ongoing works, starting on 7 July we’ll be carrying out hydrostatic pressure testing on the Erskine Bridge replacement pipeline. We’ll be testing the entire length of the new pipeline which runs from Station Road, Kilpatrick Braes to Boden Boo Community Woodland, Erskine. During the test, footpaths, roadways and canal banks will be monitored and patrolled. Some parking restrictions will also apply. 

The test itself will be carried out for a minimum of 24 hours, and we need to allow for additional set-up time beforehand and to depressurise afterwards. 


During this time, an exclusion zone needs to be placed around the pipeline therefore the park will be closed except for pedestrian access to Kilpatrick Station, the Erskine Bridge and the two disabled parking bays for Kilpatrick Station. 



Update: April 2019

Lusset Park re-opens 

We have now reached another milestone with the re-opening of Lusset Park. The ground has now been reinstated, the road has been tarmacked, power and water have been restored to the changing rooms and the football pitch re-turfed with new goalposts erected. 

We still need access to carry out some further operations work, but this is only a small area and will not impact on matches or on parking. 

The temporary car park we provided on Braes Road will remain open over the Easter Weekend but will be closed permanently to members of the public from Tuesday, 23 April.

We’d really like to thank everyone for their patience while the work was ongoing and hope the temporary parking on Braes Road helped lessen any inconvenience. 



Update: April 2018 

As part of our work on the project, we need to close Lusset Park and its car park to the general public with affect from 16 April. It is likely to remain closed throughout 2018. 

We are temporarily relocating the car park approximately 300m to the north on the road to Kilpatrick Braes as shown on the map.

During this time pedestrian and cycle access to Old Kilpatrick Bowling Club, Kilpatrick Railway Station and to the western path on the Erskine Bridge will remain open at all times.