Erskine Bridge: St Patrick’s RC Church

Update: July 2019

Dumbarton Road: Restricted parking 7 July 2019 

As part of our ongoing works, starting on 7 July we’ll be carrying out hydrostatic pressure testing on the Erskine Bridge replacement pipeline. We’ll be testing the entire length of the new pipeline which runs from Station Road, Kilpatrick Braes to Boden Boo Community Woodland, Erskine. During the test, footpaths, roadways and canal banks will be monitored and patrolled. Some parking restrictions will also apply. 

The test itself will be carried out for a minimum of 24 hours, and we need to allow for additional set-up time beforehand and to depressurise afterwards. 

During this time, an exclusion zone needs to be placed around the pipeline therefore parking will be restricted on Dumbarton Road outside St Patrick’s RC Church. Please adhere to the restrictions. 

Update: February 2018

Work began on Monday 26 February behind the Church to clear the site and begin the installation of welfare units. We will be accessing this area via Dumbarton Road with plant and machinery (as shown on the map below). Once the site is established, the contractor will then mobilise the drilling equipment and commence the drilling work.  

The equipment we’re using will inevitably generate a degree of noise, however we’ll aim to keep noise levels as low as we can, with noisy work temporarily suspended during services. To find out more about what we’re doing to reduce the noise, please see our noise control leaflet.

Media library image
A map of our work in St Patrick's RC Church in Old Kilpatrick. There will be no parking on Dumbarton road.