• Customer meter logging


    Real-Time Networks is our Ofgem competition winning, £8 million innovation project. Through Real-Time Networks we aim to help ensure our gas distribution can become more environmentally friendly, more efficient and secure. We want to adapt how we deliver your gas now for the future energy needs of Great Britain. By participating in our trial and helping us to collect up to date information about your gas usage, along with 1200 other customers in south-east England will be leading this energy innovation.


    For Real-Time Networks to succeed and future proof our network, we need support and participation from 1200 of our customers in homes and businesses in south-east England. This information will tell us everything we need to know about your gas needs now to improve our gas delivery to you in the future. 

    Our three-year trial project will use small, non-intrusive data loggers on customer meters. These loggers will record real-time gas usage information for up to two years.  Not only this, we will also be using innovative sensor technology along our network to measure the gas flow, pressure and gas quality. Our technologies have made big advances and are capable of recording information on our networks instantly and in a cost effective way. This is a remarkable opportunity that will enable us to manage our network in ‘real-time’, thanks to the arrival of large data storage systems (‘big data’) and ‘cloud storage’.


    All the real-time data collected will provide accurate information about how much and when gas is used. This information can then be applied to our supply and demand calculations, which help to manage our networks. 

    To find out more about how you can be a part of Real-Time Networks, visit our page on how to get involved.