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    For our project to work towards a potentially cheaper, more secure and lower carbon gas future, we need support from our customers who either live or work in the south east by contributing their gas usage information. We need your help to establish how much gas is used and when to improve our gas delivery efficiency.  

    If you are a domestic customer and choose to participate, please click here to find out if you meet our property sample requirements. We are looking for a wide variety of property types in different areas across the south-east. If you meet our sample criteria, we will contact you to arrange a logger installation. As a thank you, all customers* who are chosen for our project will receive a £40 shopping gift voucher and free carbon monoxide alarm following installation of the data logger. 

    *Please note that the £40 shopping voucher and free carbon monoxide alarm are only available to our residential customers. 

    If you're a customer at home, click here to take part. If you're a business that would like to take part, please call 0800 912 1700.

    We also need support and input from our stakeholders in the south east and from the wider industry. If you’d like to get in touch, please contact our customer services team 0800 912 1700.

    For further information please see our published documents in the project library.