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    Our Real-Time Networks project aims to demonstrate a flexible and intelligent gas network that will meet the needs of our rapidly changing gas industry in Great Britain (GB). Our enhanced network will be able to respond to new downstream renewable technologies, such as heat pumps and solar panels and more efficiently deliver gas to our customers. 

    Our completed Opening up the Gas Market project has shown us that varying qualities of gas can be used safely in our Oban gas network. This change could be rolled out across the GB gas network. 

    Real-Time Networks will now offer new ways to manage the introduction of these gases, while providing more detailed information about our network energy content and the way people use the energy delivered. This will improve our understanding of network performance and energy flow.


    To collect information about our networks performance today we will use:


    • Gas quality, flow and pressure sensors in the network.
    • Local weather data.
    • Research into the impact of renewable technologies on the network.
    • Customer gas usage data.
    • A cloud data storage system.

    Our trial will take place in south-east England, one of our distribution zones our network that is statistically representative of GB. Innovative sensor technologies, associated hardware and software, and infrastructure will be installed to measure the gas flow, pressure and gas quality. 

    To measure gas demand, we will install data loggers at customers’ meters across the whole of our south-east distribution zone to record gas usage. The information collected from our sensors and loggers will be transferred wirelessly to our analysis software. We will be gathering data from a variety of property types from our residential customers and also from businesses and industrial properties.

    Click here to find out more about our customer meter logging.