• Why now?



    Our project has come at an important time with new energy developments being introduced. Experts are looking at using new and unconventional, greener gases such as biomethane, which could potentially be more environmentally friendly. These resources could also improve our security of gas supply by extending the amount of gas we can use. However, first we need to make sure our network is fully prepared for these gases to be introduced.

    To deliver gas to you we use demand and supply calculations. However, these calculations are becoming less relevant due to changes in energy sources (such as solar panels and wind turbines) and customer gas demand (because of more energy efficient homes, for example). 

    We need to adapt our demand and supply calculations to reflect the continuously changing energy needs of Great Britain. This could potentially save gas delivery costs, improve security of supplies, and reduce carbon emissions for the environment.

    For more information on the project’s potential benefits, please visit our future benefits page