Waseem's Story

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Waseem Hanif and SGN's Communications team have played an integral role in our COVID-19 response.

Waseem Hanif and SGN's Communications team have played an integral role in our COVID-19 response.

My background

Despite studying for a degree in Electronics and Software Engineering at the University of Glasgow, I decided not to pursue a career in computing. It just wasn’t for me.

I originally joined SGN as a Depot Clerk before seeing a role advertised for the Communications team. It sounded creative and full of variety. I landed the position and haven’t looked back. I’ve learned so much and I've worked with brilliant people.

Making an impact in a dynamic environment

I work to protect SGN’s reputation by handling press enquiries, creating external communication campaigns, providing communications support during gas network incidents and inform stakeholders about our operational projects. This includes working with design, videos and social media.

It’s our duty to communicate effectively so our key messages published in the media and on our own channels are engaging and impactful. But we also need to consider the timing and circumstances affecting the communities we serve to deliver information appropriately.

Flexibility and adaptability have never been more key

Adapting our approach that considers the wider context of our messaging and upholding our reputation has never been more fundamental than during the ever-evolving coronavirus pandemic. The virus is affecting individuals, communities and businesses and we’ve tailored our content to keep conversations going while reflecting upon the current situation. We’re communicating early and often with our communities and colleagues to reassure everyone that we’re committed to keeping everyone safe and warm during these unprecedented times.

It all starts with our colleagues and our frontline employees. It’s vital that we communicate effectively to our very own key workers as they function as ambassadors to the communities we serve. If we’re unable to get our people to understand what’s required as the pandemic develops and advice changes, it only makes communicating externally much more difficult.

We’re also continuing to manage the reputational impact that coronavirus has on our business. Communities across our network regions are affected in different ways and it’s paramount we deliver appropriate content on our channels which shares important information and considers the wider context of the pandemic.