Digging safely

Our network of pipes run underground and are a critical part of our national infrastructure.

You need to know where our gas pipes are located before you start digging because any damage to them could put you at risk.

A foot in a wellington boot digging in soil with a spade

Digging advice for domestic properties

If you're making home improvements or building a new property, it's really important to make sure any digging is done safely, just in case there's a pipe underneath. 

Learn more about how to dig safely.

SGN colleagues standing with a customer in a field and are looking at a map.  The three people are wearing high-viz jackets and hard hats.

Advice for working near high pressure pipelines

If you're a farmer or landowner planning to carry out work which disrupts your land including excavating, ditching and drainage works, you need to know what’s below before any work takes place.

Read more about how we can help.