Roadworks in your area

We look after more than 74,000 kilometres of pipes across our network. Making sure these pipes deliver your gas safely and reliably means that we need to upgrade or repair them at times. We know that roadworks can be frustrating, but our essential work keeps you, your family and local community safe.

Roadworks in your area

You can find more about our work in your area by searching on (please note that this is a third party website). You can search for both current and future work by changing the dates in the location search bar. You’ll need to sign up for a free account to see our planned work starting in more than two weeks’ time.

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Roadworks FAQs

We have a number of helpful frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page, under the Help and advice heading.

Planned work

Bedford Hill, Tooting

We're working to replace the old metal gas pipes around Manville Road, Tooting with new PE Plastic pipes to ensure the local community continues to receive a safe and reliable gas supply. Our contractor, Forefront Utilities, will be working on our behalf.

From Tuesday 2 April until Sunday 14 April, we will need to work in Bedford Hill. To complete the work safely, we'll need to close Bedford Hill at its junction with Elmbourne Road.

This work will be carried out during the school Easter holidays to reduce the congestion caused.

Access will be maintained for residents and businesses with a signed diversion in place via Garrads Road > Tooting Bec Road > Trinity Road > St James Drive > Nightingale Lane > Balham Hill – Westbound and Balham High Road > Tooting Bec Road > Garrads Road – Eastbound.

Busses will be diverted, and all bus stops will be suspended within the closed area.

We're sorry for any inconvenience our work may cause.


Emergency gas pipe repairs

When upgrading pipes or installing a new connection, we can plan the roadworks in advance. But when safety is at stake we must respond quickly and efficiently, and this may mean having to carry out streetworks at very short notice or at night. Sometimes we have to start work before the information filters through to our map. When that happens, we’ll add that information here.

Monday 15 April - Govan Road, Glasgow

We need to carry out emergency repairs to our gas network in Govan Road, Glasgow, at its junction with Cressy Street.

For everyone’s safety and due to the position of our gas main, Govan Road will be closed at this junction for eastbound motorists from 6am on Tuesday 16 April. Westbound motorists will be unaffected however, the closure will mean that southbound motorists exiting the Clyde Tunnel will not be able to exit onto Govan Road.

Signed diversions will be in place as follows:

  • A739 Govan Road off-ramp from the A739 Clyde Tunnel southbound: Continue on the A739 Clyde Tunnel – Take the off Ramp to Langlands Road – Turn Left in to Langlands Road – Turn left on to Drive Road – Return to Govan Road.
  • Govan Road eastbound closure: Govan Road westbound – Renfrew Road – Turn Left at Roundabout on to Shieldhall Road – Turn Left at Roundabout on to Langlands Road – Turn Left on to Drive Road – Return to Govan Road.

The closure will affect bus services in Govan Road. To find out more about the impact on your route, please check with your local bus provider.

Access will be maintained at all times for local residents and we’re liaising closely with Queen Elizabeth University Hospital to minimise disruption.

It’s too early to say how long it’ll take to complete our work. We know this is a busy route and will be working around the clock to reopen the road as normal as soon as possible.


Friday 12 April - Plumstead High Street

We need to renew our gas network in Plumstead High Street.

Following discussion with Greenwich Council, we have installed three-way traffic lights at this location and implemented a closure of Woodhurst Road. One of the team will man the lights from 7am until 7pm to minimise disruption.

All being well, the work within the road closure should be completed and cleared by 26 April, at which time we will set up a smaller road closure in Camrose Street with some carriageway incursion in Plumstead High Street. The second phase should be completed in approximately three weeks.

Our team is working seven days a week to ensure any disruption to the local community is minimised.

Friday 12 April - Pean Hill, Whitstable

The road closure along Pean Hill remains in place while our engineers continue to urgently repair our network.

We have made steady progress however, the final repairs are taking longer than we hoped. This is a complex repair, involving specialist equipment, and we want to assure you we're working hard to get the road reopened as quickly as possible.

Before the road can be reopened we will need to complete repairs and restore the road surface to the required specifications. All being well, we'll be able to safely reopen Pean Hill on Wednesday 17 April .

We’re working with Blean Parish Council to assist vulnerable residents with essential travel during the closure while the bus service is suspended.

We understand this is a busy route and we'd like to apologise for any disruption caused.


Monday 8 April – Duke Street, Glasgow

Our engineers are continuing essential emergency repairs to our gas main in Duke Street, Glasgow

In order to complete repairs, our team has put a full road closure in place between Duke Street’s junctions with Shettleston Road and Todd Street. This is complex engineering work being carried out in deep excavations using specialist equipment and contractors.

We’re aiming to complete repairs, reinstate the road surface and reopen Duke Street as normal in three weeks.

We’d like to than Glasgow residents, motorists and businesses for your patience and understanding while we work as quickly and safely as possible to repair your gas network.

Monday 8 April - Methilhaven Road, Methil, Leven

We're carrying out emergency repairs to our gas network in Methilhaven Road, Leven.

For everyone's safety, Methilhaven Road is closed both ways between Stagecoach Aberhill Depot and the roundabout where Methilhaven Road meets Wellesley Road, Bawbee Bridge and South Street. Motorists can still access Elm Park, although motorists exiting Elm Park onto Methilhaven Road can't turn right.

A signed diversion is in place via Wellesley Road, Sea Road and Methilhaven Road.

This work is likely to continue throughout this week. All going well, we hope to be able to reopen Methilhaven Road as normal by early next week.


Monday 8 April - A36 Wilton Road, Salisbury

We're carrying our emergency repairs to our gas network in the A36 Wilton Road at its junctions with Longland and Highbury Avenue.

Four-way temporary traffic lights are on place at this junction to allow our engineers to carry out their work safely.

The lights are being manually controlled between 7am and 7pm every day to minimise disruption and our teams are also working extra hours.

All going well, we hope to complete our repairs, restore the road surface and reopen the road as normal on Friday 12 April.

We’d like to thank Salisbury residents, motorists and businesses for your continued patience and understanding.


Monday 8 April - Devizes Road, Salisbury

We're repairing a gas leak in Devizes Road, Salisbury.

Two-way temporary traffic lights are in place for safety.

All going well, we hope to complete our repairs, restore the road surface and reopen the road as normal on Friday 12 April.

We’d like to thank Salisbury residents, motorists and businesses for your continued patience and understanding.


Friday 5 April - A224 London Road, Dunton Green, Sevenoaks

Our engineers have discovered significant leakage close to where we are replacing a section of our gas network. These leaks need to be addressed urgently, and due to the location of the pipes, we need to close A224 London Road in both directions, near to its junction with Mill Road.

We advise affected motorists to follow the signed diversion route in place and avoid driving through Chipstead High Street or Otford High Street while A224 London Road is shut.

We'll be working extended hours to complete the required repairs as quickly as possible. All being well, we'll be able to safely reopen A224 London Road prior to the morning rush hour on Monday 15 April.


Friday 5 April - Whytemans Brae, Kirkcaldy

Work to urgently upgrade our gas main in Whytemans Brae following recent emergency repairs is continuing.

The closure around our site has progressed further up the road and motorists should now use the diversion via Sycamore Avenue rather than Chestnut Avenue.

Access to the doctors surgery and dentist is maintained while the road is closed, but upon exiting these junctions, drivers can only turn right and will need to follow the diversion in place.

Further updates on our progress will be posted here.


Tuesday 19 March - A28 Sturry Road, Canterbury

We've completed urgent repairs to our gas network in the A28 Sturry Road, Canterbury. Temporary traffic lights will remain in place, near the junction with New Town Street, to allow us to safely restore the road surface.

We aim to remove the lights by around 5pm tomorrow [Wednesday 20 March].

Tuesday 19 March - Summerfield Road, Dunbar

We're carrying out repairs to our gas main in Summerfield Road, Dunbar, following reports of a gas leak. For everyone’s safety, Summerfield Road’s junction with Belhaven Road is closed. Local signed diversions are in place.

We hope to complete our repairs today. We will then need to restore the road surface before the road can be safely reopened. All going well, the road will be reinstated and reopened as normal by Monday 25 March.

We'd like to thank the Dunbar community for your patience and understanding while we repair your gas network.


Monday 11 March - Commonside East, Mitcham Common

Our contractor Phoenix Civils is undertaking planned maintenance designed to protect steel pipes from corrosion. The work will take approximately five weeks and is part of our wider programme of work in the local area this year.

A road closure with a signed, small diversion is in place for motorists. Pedestrian access to properties and businesses will always be maintained throughout the project.


You can find more details about all our other emergency repairs at