Expanding our network

If your community would like to get connected to our network, here's what you need to know.


We can extend our network into communities without gas through projects known as ‘infills’. This is where we lay new gas mains and service pipes to connect homes and businesses to our existing network.

The cost is shared by the properties within the project boundary. Pricing is set by Ofgem and there are loans to help with the cost to some of the more remote areas.

Once the project is accepted, the infill becomes 'live' for a 20-year period. This means any property connecting to the new gas main during this time will pay the same fee as those who originally joined the project, in accordance with the Gas (Connection Charges) Regulations 2001.

Gas infill loan scheme (Scotland) 
The Scottish Government’s interest-free gas infill loan scheme is available to help owner-occupiers and private sector landlords with the cost of a central heating system when connecting to the gas network.