Keeping you safe and warm as we transition to clean energy

The UK gas distribution networks – and the skilled, dedicated people we employ – are custodians of the gas network on behalf of the public. We are trusted by people and regulators to deliver gas to 22 million homes and are committed to maintaining this reputation as we transition to green gasses like hydrogen.


What is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and is already used around the world to fuel cars, trains and buses. It’s a clean burning alternative to fossil fuels which has a wide range of applications across energy sectors, including heat, power, and transport. Green hydrogen can be created using clean energy like wind power, meaning there are no harmful carbon emissions involved.

Hydrogen isn’t new in the gas industry. The UK’s gas networks have been working with hydrogen for a very long time. Before the discovery of North Sea gas in the 1960s and the conversion to natural gas in the 70s, UK households were supplied with town gas which was made of 50% hydrogen – the rest was made of methane and carbon dioxide.

Now, we’re working alongside the other UK gas networks and the UK and Scottish Governments, to look into how we can repurpose the pipes we manage to safely deliver hydrogen instead of natural gas. Together, we’re building an evidence base for hydrogen which could shape the way we heat our homes in the future alongside other renewable technologies. Safety is our number one priority now, and will continue to be our number one priority as we make the transition.

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Safety in homes

Continuing to keep everyone safe

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Network safety

Ensuring a safe hydrogen network

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Research & testing

Extensive studies by the industry

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