Affordable Warmth Advocacy South-East

Changeworks and StepChange

Empowering 2,850 fuel poor households across south-east Scotland to be affordably warm and CO safe

Our project at a glance

  • Strategic priority area: Targeting geographic communities most at risk of fuel poverty
  • Support target: 2,850 households 
  • Duration: January 2022 to March 2024
  • Investment: £126,806 over two years
  • Forecast SROI: £1.37

I was not confident with dealing with energy bills. I tried to apply for the Warm Home Discount on my own but I was not successful. I am confident with energy bills now with the support of Changeworks as they help me with Warm Home Discount and also tell me what other things I’m entitled to.

Affordable Warmth Advocacy South-East beneficiary

Why we’re working together

Through the pandemic and into the cost-of-living crisis, environmental and fuel poverty charity Changeworks experienced an increasing need for in-depth energy crisis support from households in south-east Scotland. 

Across south-east Scotland, including Edinburgh, Fife, East Lothian, Midlothian, West Lothian and the Scottish Borders, fuel poverty levels are high at between 19 to 29%. 

In collaboration with Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN), we’re funding additional Affordable Warmth advisers for Changeworks and StepChange to support vulnerable households to use energy safely, reliably and affordably across south-east Scotland, including those in energy crisis. 

Project objectives

  • Empowering up to 1,680 households living in fuel poverty to be affordably warm and safe from the dangers of CO
  • Providing in-depth energy crisis support to 1,170 vulnerable households
  • Recruiting and training new Affordable Warmth advisers

How we’re working together

In-depth energy advocacy

Affordable Warmth advisers are delivering quality in-depth support to households in south-east Scotland around tackling high fuel costs, energy efficient measures and behaviours, and energy billing and debt issues. Through the advice sessions, Affordable Warmth advisers educate vulnerable households on the dangers of carbon monoxide and register eligible households for the PSR. 

Holistic support for vulnerable households

Key to the programme is providing holistic support to households in crisis. Changeworks is working closely with programme partners StepChange to provide debt advice. StepChange is also able to signpost households to the Mental Health Foundation if required. 

Changeworks is also working with the Scottish Association of Landlords to reach private rented tenants to raise awareness of the fuel poverty and energy advocacy support available via the charity. 

Awareness raising activity

In addition to one-on-one sessions, Changeworks is raising awareness of energy-saving advice, fuel poverty measures and CO safety through various activities in the local area. For example, the charity is delivering briefings to frontline workers from debt advice agencies, local authorities and housing associations, participating in local forums and networks, and providing articles for local newspapers and radio stations. 

How to get involved

Accessing the Affordable Warmth Advocacy South-East programme

If you live in south-east Scotland and would like to get advice from the Affordable Warmth Services team, you can contact them through the online referral form or by calling 0800 870 8800

Becoming an Affordable Warmth Advocacy South-East partner

If you’re an organisation in south-east Scotland that’s interested in collaborating with Changeworks or StepChange, you can reach the team by emailing