Hampshire and Isle of Wight dementia support

Dementia Support Hampshire & IOW 

Helping people living with dementia in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to stay safe and warm at home

Dementia Support Hampshire & IOW helped me to sign up to the Priority Services Register. This gives me peace of mind knowing that we would be supported with extra advice and support, including if there was an interruption to our electricity, gas or water supply. As a household living with dementia, it is reassuring that this kind of support is available to us.

Jacky D

Family carer

Our project at a glance

  • Priority need group: Critical illness
  • Strategic priority area: Supporting priority vulnerability groups to access tailored support services
  • Support target: 1,028 households over two years 
  • Duration: April 2024 to March 2026
  • Investment: £93,541 over two years
  • Forecast SROI: £5.63

Why we’re working together

The Department for Health estimates that more than 850,000 people are living with dementia in the UK. Symptoms can include problems with memory loss, confusion, spatial awareness, understanding and decision-making. These symptoms mean that people living with dementia can struggle to maintain a safe and warm home.   

Hampshire is one of the top five areas in the UK with the highest prevalence of dementia, according to Alzheimer’s Research UK. 

Dementia Support Hampshire & IOW provide the opportunity for people to engage with others living with dementia in their local community. Through its helpline service and community events, the charity helps people with dementia become happier and healthier individuals, who are better equipped to deal with the day-to-day challenges that a dementia diagnosis brings. 

We’ve joined together with Dementia Support Hampshire & IOW to provide energy safeguarding services to people living with dementia across the region. Together, we will support 1,028 individuals living with dementia – plus their families and carers – to be safe and warm at home.

Project objectives

  • Upskilling Dementia Support Hampshire & IOW staff to identify households in need and provide basic energy advice and safety checks
  • Offering personalised one-on-one energy advice and support at home visits
  • Sharing energy advice at community events to increase home visit referrals 
  • Raising awareness of carbon monoxide safety and providing free CO alarms to households most at risk of CO harm
  • Providing information and arranging installations of locking cooker values 
  • Encouraging Dementia Support Hampshire & IOW service users to sign up for the Priority Services Register
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How we’re working together

One-on-one energy advice

Through our partnership, we’re introducing a new team of Safe & Warm Dementia Support Workers that will visit a minimum of 800 people at home to help them use energy safely, efficiently and affordably. 

We’re providing NEA City & Guilds Level 2 Award training for the Safe & Warm Dementia Support Workers so they can provide fuel debt advice in the community. Following the training, they will be able to identify customers in fuel poverty and offer advice on how to access support from the Priority Services Register and other energy safeguarding support schemes. 

If the team encounters a household in energy crisis, we’ll provide emergency fuel vouchers.

Upskilling Dementia Support Hampshire & IOW teams

We’re increasing the knowledge of all Dementia Support Hampshire and IOW workers and volunteers to include energy safeguarding. This means they’ll be equipped with the basic skills to identify a household in need of extra help to maintain a safe and warm home, and they’ll be able to give basic energy efficiency and safety advice.  

Winter readiness campaign

Ahead of winter 2024, we’ll deliver a winter readiness safe and warm campaign. This multi-channel campaign will reach a minimum of 10,000 people, providing information on the Priority Services Register and tips on energy safeguarding measures. 

How to get involved

Accessing support from Dementia Support Hampshire & IOW

As one of our VCMA network partners, you can refer your clients in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to Dementia Support Hampshire & IOW. You can find details of the support available, including a calendar of local events, on the charity’s website.

If you’re living with memory loss or dementia, or caring for a loved one with the condition, you can get advice and support from Dementia Support Hampshire & IOW. You can pop into one of their free community events or call the helpline to speak to their friendly team on 0344 324 6589. Visit the Dementia Support Hampshire & IOW website for more details.

Becoming a Dementia Support Hampshire & IOW partner

You can find out more about working with Dementia Support Hampshire & IOW on the charity’s website.  

Dementia Support Hampshire & IOW are delighted to be working in partnership with SGN to support people with dementia and their families across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. With concerns about the overall cost of living, it’s vital that people know where to turn for help and advice and are claiming the support they are entitled to. The partnership will enable us to ensure that everyone living with dementia in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight has access to the information and support that they need to use energy safely, efficiently, and affordably, and receive help to claim the support that they are entitled to. 

Helen Hamblen

CEO, Dementia Support Hampshire & IOW