Fuel crisis support

Fuel Bank Foundation

Supporting over 20,000 households in fuel crisis with emergency fuel vouchers

Our project at a glance

  • GDN partners: Cadent, Northern Gas Networks, SGN, Wales & West Utilities
  • Strategic priority area: Fuel poverty and affordability
  • Support target: 5,000 households per year
  • Duration: January 2022 to March 2026
  • Investment: £1.47 million over four years
  • Forecast SROI: £2.88

We had no gas for four days. We didn’t know who to approach for anything like that. We were literally freezing, my partner’s chest was getting worse, and I was panicking and trying to borrow money and just couldn’t get it from anywhere.

Fuel Bank Foundation beneficiary

Why we’re working together

As the fuel crisis escalated into the cost-of-living crisis, more and more households were struggling to afford to keep their homes warm. Record numbers of households were finding themselves in fuel poverty and the crisis was disproportionately impacting households on pre-payment meters.

Fuel Bank Foundation provides same-day financial support to households in fuel crisis, providing emergency fuel vouchers when their prepayment gas or electricity meter has run out of credit.

Recognising the scale of urgent need within the communities we serve, we initiated a two-year £500,000 collective contribution from Britain’s four gas networks back in winter 2021 to support 8,000 households in fuel crisis through the Fuel Bank Foundation.

We extended our support in December 2023 to enable Fuel Bank Foundation to help a further 12,400 households by March 2026. 

Working collaboratively as Britain’s four gas networks, we’ve increased the charity’s capacity to support people in fuel crisis by providing the financial backing to allow existing centres to keep operating, and to allow new centres to open nationwide. 

Project objectives

  • Providing emergency fuel vouchers to households in fuel crisis 
  • Increasing the financial resilience of vulnerable households to avoid dependency on emergency funds
  • Broadening the network of organisations working to identify households in crisis based on a growing community need

How we’re working together

Emergency financial support

We’re providing same or next-day emergency fuel vouchers for people struggling to top up their prepayment energy meters. These vital funds are giving people in crisis the breathing space to get back on their feet. The charity works with its network of trusted community partners to get help to those who need it, including local authorities, housing associations, food banks and local debt support charities.

Longer-term financial resilience

Beyond providing initial emergency support, Fuel Bank Foundation is also providing ongoing assistance to increase financial resilience and avoid dependency on emergency funds. Through working with a network of community partners, the charity is helping vulnerable households with their immediate need as well as providing relevant support, like benefits entitlement checks, to lift vulnerable households out of fuel poverty. 

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How to get involved

Becoming a Fuel Bank Foundation partner

Fuel Bank Foundation delivers support through a number of trusted community partners up and down the country, including local authorities, housing associations, local debt support charities or community groups. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Fuel Bank Foundation is helping homes in fuel crisis or you’re interested in joining the Fuel Bank Foundation partner network, you can find more information on the Fuel Bank Foundation website.  

The practical advice and support provided by the network companies delivers a step change in helping Fuel Bank Foundation achieve its vision and purpose. Thank you!

Matt Cole

Head of Fuel Bank Foundation