Better Housing Better Health

National Energy Foundation (NEF)

Delivering a warmth and wellbeing service for vulnerable households across the south of England

Our project at a glance

  • Strategic priority area: Targeting geographic communities most at risk of fuel poverty
  • Support target: 10,000 households per year
  • Duration: September 2023 to April 2024
  • Investment: £223,000 over six months
  • Forecast SROI: £4.00

Thank you so much for helping me with keeping warm this winter, I do really appreciate it. I’ve got so many other bills to take care of and this has really made me feel more positive about tackling them. God bless you!

Better Housing Better Health service user

Why we’re working together

As the cost of living continues to escalate, driven by soaring energy expenses, this crisis disproportionately affects low-income households. Nearly one in three UK households is struggling with the financial weight of fuel poverty, which extends into other essential areas such as food and heating.

Navigating the available support services proves to be an intricate challenge for those most in need. Variances across local authority regions and rapidly changing government policies, coupled with the complexities of accessing support, can be too much for many customers to manage independently. Many vulnerable households remain excluded from vital assistance, trapped in the cycle of poverty and living in a cold and unhealthy home as a result.

We’ve joined forces with the National Energy Foundation (NEF) to introduce an integrated and comprehensive warmth and wellbeing support service in areas of high deprivation across our Southern network footprint.

Our Better Housing Better Health service adopts a holistic approach to supporting households, facilitating access to health, income and housing support services that extend beyond energy-related concerns.

Project objectives

  • Engaging 10,000 individuals on where to get extra help to maintain a safe and warm home
  • Directly supporting 2,500 vulnerable households to address the causes of fuel poverty through energy advice sessions
  • Training 200 frontline workers to identify fuel poor households for support from our partnership
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2 women from Better Housing Better Health standing behind a table set up with information

How we’re working together

Engaging communities on energy matters

We’re educating a minimum of 10,000 households in areas of high deprivation on energy matters, including the Priority Services Register, carbon monoxide safety and energy advice. Through our direct marketing and outreach activity, we’re also offering households help to access personalised energy advisory services via the NEF team.

Personalised energy advice sessions

We’re providing personalised energy sessions for fuel poor households, tailored to their specific needs. This ensures we’re providing effective support that addresses the unique challenges they face in achieving warmth and wellbeing.

This includes expert energy efficiency advice, thorough assessments of eligibility for energy efficiency grant-funded schemes, determination of eligibility for the fuel poor network extension scheme, assistance with energy bill advocacy, crucial CO safety conversations and PSR registration.

We’re also able to connect households to vital resources such as healthcare services, debt relief programmes, income and benefits checks, local authority services, and support from charitable organisations.

Frontline worker training

We’re developing and implementing training programmes for frontline workers, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively address fuel poverty. We’re doing this through workshops, educational materials and awareness campaigns that promote understanding of fuel poverty, energy efficiency and sustainable energy practices.

How to get involved

Accessing the Better Health Better Housing service

If you support a vulnerable household in the south of England in need of support to tackle fuel poverty, you can make a referral through the Better Health Better Housing website.

If you’re an individual struggling with fuel poverty, you can also request an appointment yourself on the Better Health Better Housing website.

Arranging frontline worker training for your organisation

Better Housing Better Health offers free training sessions for people and organisations working directly with the public so that they can spot the signs of fuel poverty, understand the causes and learn more about how we can help and support residents. To request a session for your organisation, email

We are delighted to welcome this partnership with SGN, which enables NEF to extend our frontline services. We are keen to work with as many new partners as possible to maximise our impact and encourage cross-referral relationships to make every contact count!

Dave Evans

Chief Executive, National Energy Foundation