Home and Well – Carers Support Service

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Hampshire (PRTCH)

Supporting 131,000 Hampshire carers to maintain safe and warm homes

Our project at a glance

  • Priority need group: Carers
  • Strategic priority area: Supporting priority vulnerability groups
  • Support target: 4,500 households per year
  • Duration: October 2023 to October 2025
  • Investment: £328,217.50 over two years
  • Forecast SROI: £3.18

This partnership will help make carers visible across the county; working together to raise awareness of caring and the impact it has on their lives and in the current economic climate help carers to keep their homes warm and keep themselves well.

Kerry Hearsey MBE

Chief Executive, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Hampshire

Why we’re working together

The most recent Census in 2021 puts the estimated number of unpaid carers at 5 million in England and Wales. With the current cost of living crisis, carers have faced unprecedented pressure on their finances. Research from Carers UK in 2022 found a quarter of carers (25%) are cutting back on essentials like food or heating and nearly two-thirds (63%) are extremely worried about managing their monthly costs.

There are currently 133,000 identified unpaid carers in Hampshire. There are many more that just consider themselves someone’s wife, husband, son or daughter.

We’re collaborating with The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Hampshire to bring together a large network of local community partners to proactively support carers with tailored support services that help to tackle fuel poverty and introduce energy safeguards to help those most vulnerable maintain a safe and warm home.

The partnership is designed to work alongside our Home and Well partnership in Hampshire, providing proactive and preventative support services increasing the support available to carers and those they care for. The shared ambition is to reduce the potential impact on the NHS and prevent hospitalisation for high-risk people as a result of living in a cold and unhealthy home.

Project objectives

  • Providing up to 131,000 carers with information about the support available to maintain a safe and warm home
  • Creating at least 10 welcoming spaces for at least 4,500 Hampshire carers to access tailored energy safeguarding support in the community 
  • Training frontline teams who support carers to triage and refer carers in energy crisis to the service

How we’re working together

Raising awareness of energy-related support

We’re providing information to between 45,000 and 131,000 carers across Hampshire, detailing the practical, financial and emotional support that is available locally for carers and promoting our new carer hubs. This information will include key energy-related help and advice, including carbon monoxide safety and registering for the Priority Services Register. 

Welcoming spaces for carers

We’re establishing welcoming spaces across Hampshire for carers to access tailored energy safeguarding support in the community that addresses the underlying causes of fuel poverty. Each venue will provide engaging, social and relaxing activities to help create a welcoming environment, with daily newspapers, crossword puzzles and jigsaws, as well as light refreshments. 

Carers can discuss their energy-related concerns and have a skilled adviser work through the support provisions available for them, leading to carers being able to sustain their caring role for longer. Advisers support carers on matters including energy efficiency advice, energy efficiency home audits, energy bill advocacy, carbon monoxide safety, locking cooker valves and accessing the Priority Services Register.

Extra help for carers of households in energy crisis

In addition to receiving long-term advice, our energy ambassadors can provide immediate practical and financial support to carers in households that are in energy crisis. This includes measures such as emergency fuel vouchers, winter warm packs and heated blankets. 

Holistic support for carers

As part of our programme, we’re providing carer-related support beyond energy. For example, our energy ambassadors are also able to signpost carers to our network of partners for access to services including legal advice on power of attorney, wills and trusts, home library services and trading standards.

How to get involved

Accessing the Home and Well – Carers Support service

Our VCMA partners can refer clients in Hampshire to the Home and Well – Carers Support service by completing the online referral form or by emailing epcreferrals@carercentre.com.

If you’re a carer living in Hampshire and think you may benefit from this service, you can visit a hub for support from the Home and Well – Carers Support team. You don’t need an appointment, just pop into your local hub and our friendly team will take care of you. Visit the Princess Royal Trust website to find your nearest hub or call 01264 835 246 for more information. 

Becoming a Home and Well – Carers Support partner

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers would like to invite other agencies to attend the hubs and share relevant information with carers. To register your interest in attending a hub, please email info@carercentre.com or call the team on 01264 835 246.

We are delighted here at the Trust to be partnering with SGN to support carers and give them timely and up-to-date information on keeping themselves and their loved ones warm and well this winter. We have been working closely with SGN to develop this exciting new project, which will put carers at the centre of this support. Connecting with carers and supporting them is key to our partnership.

Alison Wood

Business Manager, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers