Holistic energy advisory service

YES Energy Solutions

Addressing fuel poverty through a centralised and independent energy advisory service

Our project at a glance

  • Strategic priority area: Targeting geographic communities most at risk of fuel poverty
  • Support target: 2,375 households 
  • Duration: March 2023 to April 2024
  • Investment: £151,647 over one year
  • Forecast SROI: £3.60

The impact of our partnership with SGN can be life-changing for vulnerable households. Simple hints and tips to reduce energy use alone can generate savings of more than £500 a year for customers. But the real magic happens in our in-depth assessments, where access to grants for insulation schemes and other energy efficiency measures, alongside support to maximise household income, has seen average savings leap to nearly £2,000 a year per customer.

Alex Wilkes

Commercial Director, YES Energy Solutions

Why we’re working together

The current cost-of-living crisis is placing significant financial pressure on those on middle to low incomes and forcing around one in three UK households into fuel poverty. This includes many people in the previously ‘just about managing’ demographic who may be facing financial hardship for the first time. Many of these households are new to seeking support as they have not accessed it in the past and are unsure of where to turn and who to trust.

We’re partnering with YES Energy Solutions to provide a trusted telephone-based energy advice service to support our customers to use energy safely, efficiently and affordably.

By marketing the service across all our day-to-day customer touchpoints, including community drop-in sessions, and briefing our teams on how to identify households in need, we’re ensuring we reach customers who are seeking energy advice themselves as well as those who aren’t actively looking for advice but could benefit from our support. 

Project objectives

  • Maximising household incomes by reducing energy consumption and costs
  • Helping households use energy more efficiently with energy-saving packs
  • Encouraging eligible households to sign up for the Priority Services Register
  • Raising awareness of carbon monoxide and providing CO alarms for households most at-risk

How we’re working together

One-to-one energy advice

Our independent and holistic service advises customers on ways to reduce home energy costs and save money, as well as how to access support services designed for vulnerable households. We’re able to educate households on carbon monoxide safety and provide a free CO alarm if required. 

Advisers from YES Energy Solutions tailor the advice to the household’s individual needs and circumstances to address the underlying causes of fuel poverty. By pulling together the disparate support services currently available, we’re able to deliver a comprehensive set of personalised interventions for the customer via a single provider. 

In-depth support sessions

Should a household need more advice beyond the initial triage appointment, we’ll follow up with an in-depth assessment. Through these sessions, advisers can provide more complex support, for example, a specific home energy assessment, income maximisation support including benefit entitlement checks and debt advice, and helping with access to grants and schemes the households may be eligible for based upon the customer’s circumstances.

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Female YES energy advisor sitting at a desk, working on a computer and wearing a headset

How to get involved

Accessing the energy advice service 

Our VCMA network partners can refer vulnerable households for a free energy advice appointment by calling our partner YES Energy Solutions on 0800 015 5174. You can also fill out a simple registration form on the YES Energy Solutions website and an adviser will call you back.

If you live in Scotland or the south of England and think you might benefit from this free service, you can also refer yourself directly for an energy advice appointment by visiting the YES Energy Solutions website

Becoming a YES Energy Solutions partner

As well as receiving direct referrals via the online registration form, YES Energy Solutions can also establish formal data sharing arrangements with organisations that support vulnerable households who may be living in a cold home, struggling to afford their energy costs or facing wider financial pressures. You can find out more on the YES Energy Solutions website.  

Each customer benefits from advice which is personalised to their individual situation, and that’s what our team does best. This is a great opportunity to receive bespoke advice, and we have found that, on average, people reduce their bills by one fifth by utilising these resources.

Duncan McCombie

CEO, YES Energy Solutions