Your business connection

Household and business customers can also use this page to apply for capacity increases and multiple connections.


Every business is different, so we need to carry out a site survey before we can quote for your new gas supply or quote to change or disconnect your existing supply.

We provide a design/quote service for multiple residential (including existing properties, conversions and new developments) and commercial connections, service alterations, disconnections and/or capacity increases. Our Customer Service team is available on 0800 912 1700 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-6pm) if you need any help or advice when you fill out any of the forms under Related Info.


Commercial properties

For commercial properties, we’ll need to know the hourly and annual gas loads.


Multiple residential properties

For multiple residential properties, we’ll need to know the hourly gas loads. The easiest way to find out your properties’ gas usage is to speak with the Gas Safe engineer who will be installing your appliances. We apply a default hourly load of 60kW for houses (30kW for flats) and an annual load of 20,600kW for houses (15,000kW for flats) unless you tell us otherwise.


New builds

For new build requests, we’ll need an original scaled site plan of the property(s) within its existing geography, with the proposed meter position(s) marked clearly on each of the buildings.


Disconnecting commercial gas supply

 If you want to disconnect your existing commercial gas supply or multiple residential supplies, we’ll need:

  • A site location plan showing the properties.
  • The meter point reference number (MPRN) for each supply you want disconnected. The unique MPRN can usually be found on a tag next to each meter.


To arrange a site survey, you’ll need to fill out the application form on the right and email it back to us.


Before you fill in the application, consider:

  • Whether you have or need a meter kiosk.
  • Whether you need elevated pressure, a booster or a compressor.
  • Your gas load (how much gas you use or need an hour and a year). If you don't know your gas load, the Gas Safe Registered Engineer website is able to help you find an engineer who can advise you. 
  • The type of meter box you have. There are some pictures at the end of the form to help you.
  • Your meter point reference number (MPRN). This can usually be found on a tag next to each meter.

Help with the form

Required information:

  • Your contact details
  • The site details
  • Your requirements
  • The type of work required

Depending on the work you're requesting you'll also need to complete:

  • Single new commercial supply – fill out section B
  • Single commercial change to supply or gas increase – fill out section C
  • More than one new supply or changes to more than one supply – fill out section D