GT1 requests

Household and business customers can apply for a GT1 request.

What is a GT1 and do I need to submit one?

A GT1 is a request for gas service pipe pressure and capacity information.

If you intend to increase the volume of gas to your property, a GT1 will be required to check if the current service is adequate, or if a capacity increase will be required.  A GT1 can also be submitted to obtain your service pipe pressure information.  

GT1 form

The GT1 form and other GT documents are available on the Energy Network Association's (ENA) website, or you can download a copy.

If you require assistance in completing the GT1 form, you can download the SGN GT1 application guide below.

Please email completed forms to

Next steps

You can find out the next steps to this process in our SGN GT1 application guide.

Get in contact

If you’d like further information about submitting a GT1 request, please send an email to or call the team on 0800 975 1346 (Option 4) Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm.