Gas is now available in Huntly and Keith

09 Mar 2021

Gas is now available to all properties in Huntly and Keith.

Once again, we appreciate you were without your gas supply last month and we’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience you’ve experienced.

Every property affected will receive £60 in compensation for the time spent without a gas supply.

Compensation levels are agreed with the energy regulator Ofgem. Normally if you’re without gas for over 24 hours, each household receives £30 in compensation for each complete 24-hour period with no gas. However, as a gesture of goodwill, we’ll pay an additional £30.

Payment is made automatically through your gas supplier and will appear as a credit on your next bill. It usually takes four to five weeks for your compensation to be processed, although sometimes it can take up to three months to show on your account, depending on your supplier’s billing cycle.

We’ve received an incredible amount of support from the local community. We’ve also been extremely well supported by our local resilience partners, who’ve helped us look after those most vulnerable members of the community.

Our thanks to everyone in Huntly and Keith for your patience and understanding. A full investigation is ongoing to ascertain the exact cause of the incident.