Cardowan Moss Woodland, Glasgow

Updated: 6 August 2021

We’re carrying out essential upgrades in Cardowan Moss Woodland, Glasgow. This project will allow us to make critical improvements to the infrastructure of your local gas network.

In agreement with Forestry and Land Scotland, our project started in May 2021 and will be completed in August 2021. There will be no interruptions to any gas supplies during this time.

Our teams will be working within Cardowan Moss Woodland. Part of this work will include the safe release of a large volume of natural gas venting into the atmosphere. This planned operation will begin on Wednesday 11 August and will be carried out in a safe and controlled manner, but you may hear the noise from the venting operation or smell gas as a result.

For everyone’s safety, we need to close some footpaths within Cardowan Moss. Please see the map below which shows our work area, which footpaths will be closed and a diversion for pedestrians.

This project has been planned in close consultation with Forestry and Land Scotland to help ensure the disruption to local wildlife and habitats is minimised as much as possible.

We’re committed to upgrading our network to ensure we continue to keep homes and businesses safe and warm long into the future.

If you have any enquiries about this project, please call Project Manager Gus Robertson on 07836 649 198 during office hours (8am to 4pm on weekdays).

Media library image
Map showing path closures in Cardown Moss woodland