Peckham, Rye Lane

We’ve completed our gas network upgrade project along Rye Lane in Peckham ahead of schedule. The road was reopened to motorists on Wednesday 5 June once we had safely cleared all equipment from our site.

We needed to close Rye Lane to motorists, buses and cyclists in phases between its junctions with Hanover Park and Sternhall Lane to safely carry out our work. We’d like to thank the Peckham community for their patience and understanding while we carried out this essential work and we’re sorry for any inconvenience our upgrade project caused.

Following consultation with Southwark Council, TfL and the local community, our pipe replacement project began in January and was originally expected to last 13 months. However, several factors meant our engineers were able to progress more quickly than anticipated.

We were able to use techniques which allowed greater lengths of plastic pipe to be inserted at a time, while reducing the number of excavations in the road surface. We also found pipes along Rye Lane to have far less rust than expected, and fewer service pipes feeding properties were in a condition that needed renewing, helping to speed up the process further.

We appreciate that our work may have disrupted local businesses during the first part of 2019. We’re committed to having a lasting positive impact on Peckham, beyond the gas network upgrades, and that’s why we’re continuing to support Rye Lane traders who may have been affected by our work. Compensation is available to small businesses based on individual circumstances and more information can be found on our compensation page. Please contact to discuss the compensation available to you or to make a claim.


The newly inserted plastic pipe has a minimum lifespan of 80 years, so Peckham homes and businesses can enjoy the benefits of a safe and reliable gas supply for many years to come.