Interruption tender

Please note that the information on these pages is only relevant to shippers and consumers whose annual gas consumption exceeds 5,860,000 kWh per annum (which excludes all domestic consumers).

Under UNC Modification 090 GDNs may determine interruptible LDZ capacity requirements within specific geographic zones, providing network users the opportunity to tender for interruptible LDZ capacity.

We use the interruption tender process to defer network investment wherever possible. By agreeing to stop using gas when requested customers help us to manage and operate our networks economically and efficiently under high gas demand conditions.

Successful customers are offered interruptible contracts with payments based on an option and exercise regime with 3 types of contract available.

  • Contract 1 - Option day rate paid at a fixed price monthly in arrears.
  • Contract 2 - Exercise rate paid each time the site is interrupted.
  • Contract 3 - Combination of choice 1 & 2.


Interruption Tender Process 2024

This year’s annual interruption period is over a ten-day business period between 3rd and 14th June 2024.

At this stage in the planning cycle our planning processes have not identified a requirement to invite tenders for interruption.

If you wish to discuss interruption, please contact either: Barrie Gillam on 07966 202 560 or Scott Duncan on 0758 312 9088 or email