• Sustainability


      We seek out new ways
    to minimise our impact
    on the environment.



    Greenplan is our strategy to reduce our environmental impact. It runs 8 years from 2013 to 2021. It has helped us achieve reductions and improvements across a number of areas.

    Natural gas emissions account for the largest part of our environmental footprint. Since 2012 we have reduced our natural gas emissions by 15.8% as a result of various initiatives including mains replacement, pressure management, gas holder isolation and removal. 

    We have nearly eliminated excavated spoil and office waste to landfill with less than 0.5% of waste ending up in landfill. This means around a 97% reduction since the start of Greenplan. 

    The amount of virgin aggregate used has dropped by nearly 50%. Innovations like core and vac have had a great role to play in these reductions. The efficiency with which we use PE pipe has also improved around 10% since 2013.

    In 2015 we won a double Green Apple Award, Scottish Green Energy award and the Energy Management Awards. Our commitment to improving our environmental performance has also been recognised with Carbon Trust Standard certification since 2011.