H100 NIA: Feasibility and FEED Studies

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H100 NIA: Feasibility & FEED Studies

H100 NIA Feasibility & FEED Studies

Project Name: Feasibility Study
Project Lead: SGN
Partners: Costain (Aberdeen), ARUP (Levenmouth), Wood (Macrihanish)

Our H100 Feasibility Study has been developed to trial the construction and operation of a hydrogen network.

For this, we identified three suitable sites in Scotland for the demonstration of H100; Aberdeen, Levenmouth and Machrihanish, which have characteristics scalable to the UK.

The purpose of the feasibility studies is to identify the social, commercial and technical issues associated with the design and construction specific to each site. Preliminary techno-economic assessments, risk assessments and safety assessments will be undertaken, which will identify a range of solutions/options for each site. At the end of this phase a review will take place, comparing each of the sites risks and opportunities. The two most viable options will progress to the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) phase. 

Project Name: FEED Study
Project Lead: SGN
Partners: ARUP (Levenmouth), Wood (Macrihanish)

The FEED studies will evaluate the suitability of the sites and produce the initial high-level site designs and costs.

When FEED studies have concluded, a review will be held to determine the most optimal site for the worlds first 100% hydrogen distribution network. The FEED studies will include a high-level programme for delivery, an estimated capex and opex budget, and a business case.