Gas and meter services

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: With lockdown restrictions easing, we’re now able to safely restart our connections activity in line with the latest UK and Scottish Government advice.

It will take a few months for us to get back to normal timescales while we catch up with all the connections activity that’s been on hold since March. Before we restart any activities, we will carry out extensive risk assessments to ensure we’re able to do the work while meeting all current coronavirus safety guidelines.

We’re making good progress on replanning all the projects that were paused during lockdown, but we do still have more customers to contact. If your project was postponed due to coronavirus, we’ll be in touch by Monday 24 August to replan your work and you don’t need to contact us.

You can continue to request, accept and pay for new connection quotes now, but it will take longer than usual for your work to be planned. 

We’re doing our best to replan and carry out everyone’s connections as soon as safely possible and we appreciate your continued patience.