H100 Fife appoints main works contractor for our world-first green hydrogen project

14 Feb 2023
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SGN CEO Mark Wild OBE (centre) with Altrad Babcock Executive Vice President of Operations Andy Colquhoun (left) and Altrad Babcock Hydrogen Development Lead Stephen Cunniffe (right).

SGN CEO Mark Wild OBE (centre) with Altrad Babcock Executive Vice President of Operations Andy Colquhoun (left) and Altrad Babcock Hydrogen Development Lead Stephen Cunniffe (right).

Gas distribution company SGN has appointed leading engineering firm Altrad Babcock as the main works contractor for its world-first green hydrogen project H100 Fife. Altrad Babcock will build the hydrogen production and storage site for the project, supplying green hydrogen to homes in Levenmouth in Fife. The awarding of the contract represents a key milestone for the project which will demonstrate how clean hydrogen can be used for cooking and heating in homes.

Up to 300 homes can choose to opt-in to the H100 Fife project to be supplied with hydrogen through a new distribution network which is due to go live in 2024. It will be the first 100% green hydrogen-to-homes zero carbon network anywhere in the world, demonstrating the potential for the entire UK gas network to deliver hydrogen gas. 

A 7MW wind turbine, owned and operated by the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult in Fife Energy Park since 2016, will supply the renewable electricity for the project’s hydrogen production and storage site. Altrad Babcock will be responsible for building and integrating key elements of the site, designed by global engineering consultancy Arup. This includes carrying out civil, buildings and mechanical work as well as the electrical control and instrumentation (EC&I).

SGN’s CEO Mark Wild OBE said: “We’re pleased to announce our appointment of Altrad Babcock. They have a wealth of experience in delivering pioneering energy sector projects and will bring considerable knowledge and know-how to H100 Fife.

“We’re thrilled to have overcome the global commercial and procurement challenges facing many construction projects, and can now get on with building our production and storage site so we can deliver green hydrogen into homes for the first time. Altrad Babcock aims to begin site development in the coming months, having already started work on procurement.”

The production and storage site will harness the renewable electricity from the turbine inside a new Energy Centre. This electricity will be fed into two alkaline electrolysers totalling 5MW which can deliver up to 2,093kg of green hydrogen per day. The hydrogen will be safely stored in six purpose-built pressure vessels which will ensure supply won’t be disrupted during even the coldest weather conditions. As well as being stored, the gas will be reduced in pressure by a pressure reduction station (PRS), before being delivered through a newly laid gas network to all of the opted-in homes. The green hydrogen will also be odourised to ensure it has the same distinctive smell as natural gas.

Altrad Babcock’s Vice President – Major Projects, David Cornforth, added: “We are delighted that we have been appointed main works contractor for SGN’s H100 Fife project. SGN, together with Arup, has developed the project to final design stage – and we are immensely proud of the role we will play in seeing it to fruition. 

“This first of a kind project will demonstrate the practicality of bringing green hydrogen gas to domestic customers for the first time, supporting evidence for future low carbon policy decisions and paving a clear path for similar applications in the future.”

Work to build hydrogen demonstration homes in Fife Energy Park, alongside the production and storage site, has already begun and is being carried out by Scottish construction company Marshall Construction. H100 Fife participants will be able to visit the demonstrations homes to test and use hydrogen appliances and see how they are installed. The homes are due to open this summer.